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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Free Meal~~

Today we did some cooking activity during our club meeting..well, not really cooking but just making food without using fire..some of the dishes were like sandwiches, salad, and sambal..

This activity was organized by our club which is the recreational and nature club if I'm not wrong and not mistranslates it from "Persatuan Rekreasi dan Alam Sekitar"..hihi (broken English)

Members of this club are my own Unit..speaking of this club, we were once been told to have a club that related to our opsyen and one of the suggestion was "Persatuan Pendidikan Khas" but we didn't want it because even though our unit is a bit related to Special Education Program, but we decide to have a club that allow us to conduct fun and enjoyable activities..So, we choose to have a club that related to Nature and Recrational..

I enjoy the activity because it was all free meal..hihi

Cut, cut, cut

My Group, we're preparing a salad

Mixing the sardine for the sandwiches

Mango, Yummy!

The salad, terbaekk punya!

Yes chef, can you teach me?

The Menu


~KLaRaPaRiS~ said...

Irfan! I love you! hahah =D kirim salam sama Irfan n Bidie arr~

wah sedap ooo~

Jmle Rmle said...

buli bah kalu ko..haha..paling laris salad si irfan..hihi

beaty said...

wah main masak2 ka ni..he he sedap nya

Jmle Rmle said...

main masak2 baini..si mama suru balajar..kikiki

wynda said...

wah cikgu2 memasak... ^^

Jmle Rmle said...

besa la cegu..hihi

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