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Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Suka Suka"


it was a tiring day for me but much fun with my fellow friends..Today, We went to a several places..We have been planning for a day out/road trip to KK since last week (actualy, I was the one who plan for this..kunu..hihi)..They were 5 of us who went for this "day out" today..Actually, I was originally planning for this day out at Taman Buaya, Tuaran for the St. Raphael's Youth, Kelawat Kota Belud. I want them to experience a happy and fun outing beside to strengthen the relationship among us in the name of G.O.D..but since there were so many people who can't join due to "no budget cases", it brings only the 5 of us for this trip..

So, the planning was changed..we didn't go to Taman Buaya, Tuaran but we went to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park...and Sabah State Museum, Petagas war memorial, St. Michael's Church Penampang, Double 6 Monument was also on the list but we didn't succeed to get there because not enough time..

Here is the "Day Out Story"

First, They (the 4 friends of mine) came to fetch me at Tuaran early in morning at 8..They went all the way from Kota Belud just to join me (actualy they off from KB to fetch me by a car)..A Perodua Kancil owned by one of my friend was the "Mighty Buffalo" that allow us to succeed in this day out..We went for a breakfast at Chinese Restaurant, Tai Fatt..I ordered Cha Ro Men (Fried Noodles with deep fried 'roasted' Pork)

After that yummy meal, we continue our journey..We went to the wildlife park and this is actually my first time going there..I thought that it was only a zoo with small spaces but I was wrong. It was a huge place with full of wildlife, Flora and Fauna..I was happy to see the animals in the park (the wild animals) because I haven't seen the real one before..the tiger, the bear (cute bear), the elephant and so many others..The walk inside the park was definitely quit tiring but fun..We captured some pictures of the "life" that we met there..quit interesting and also enjoyable..

After exploring the park, We went back to KK and planning to go for a lunch, then go to the museum..BUT, things aren't going according to the planning..Instead of going to the museum, we watch movie after the lunch..a 3D movie..what? 3D? YES! 3D movie which was my first experience watching a 3D movie at the cinema..it was entitle " The Three Musketeers"..it was definitely not a bad choice though we have to pay RM15 for the ticket..at the cinema, I met with some of my juniors in KENT..it happen that they were also watching the same movie with us, they were only sitting not far from our sit..just a little bit of the front..OH! forgot to mention that I also met my classmate at the wildlife park, what a coincidence!.. She didn't even tell me that she was going to the park..well, will be having a chit-chat during classes at Monday next week with her..

The movie end at 3..eh..I forgot..hihi..Never mind, after the movie we went back home but just before we reach Tuaran, We stop by a stall at Sulaman to eat Puding inside the Coconut..DELICIOUS! I tell you..There were also some other menu at the stall such as Lokan Panggang..I ask them if they like Lokan panggang but no they don't..So, I didn't order it (I have tasted it before and "memang sedap")

I plan to go home at Kampung with them but since I have other things to clear, I didn't go with the plan..So, here I am updating this blog..Can't wait for another day out..maybe sometime with you?

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