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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

new member of the family~~

Finally, my dream came true..I bought this Yamaha PSR-E223 last monday and it's very hard to find, first i went to victory music but all the keyboard, i mean this model already taken and then i went to Karamunsing and search there..lucky me, there was a last one over there so i took it..

Fuhh..LAMA da sia merancang mau membeli ni keyboard, from now on, i'm gonna improve my music skills, my Santa Cruz acoustic guitar and Ibanez Gio electric guitar got their new sibling..hihi..having this keyboard means i can improve my songwriting and skills..

looking forward to get the next one in my wish list, violin and saxophone..i would like to learn these instruments..skrg buli la kampung-kampung main gitar, bass, keyboard, sama itu drum..pas ni mau improve lagi tu skills and then get into the next level as i really interested to play the violin and saxophone..

as for now, i'm happy for having my new baby and sure i'm gonna practise a lot with her everyday..

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