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Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm a man and it's a statement~~

Hello there, it's been a long time since my last post. I been so busy doing my assignments and other stuffs..currently feeling so bored, so I pass by and felt that i should update this blog. It's April already and how I glad i'm still alive. I have so many things in my head as I barely couldn't manage it all wisely. first, i have these whole bunch of coursework waiting for me to finish them up by the end of April. here are some of them:

1. Pedagogi Bahasa Melayu
2. Mathematics Education Curriculum
3. School Based Experience
4. Pendidikan Disleksia
5. Pentaksiran dalam Pendidikan Pemulihan
6. BSMM Portfolio
7. BIG File

That's not all, i haven't mention about tutorial, presentation, and practical work. Every week and almost everyday, i have to prepare them and I barely couldn't manage time to do my assignments. There's 7 of them I must finish this month and it sure tiring enough for me. other than that, there's still other things i must do.

Life as a student is sure hard enough and a lots of things should be finish by the time the lecturers want it, but that is not an excuse to not involve into spiritual works. Our Catholic Student Group will be conduct an event for the catholic trainee and the youth from St. John (Tuaran)this April. I have more responsibility on this as i am the their leader for this upcoming event. I think it's time for us to make a move and become stronger as a christian youth and that's why i lead them to conduct this event. well, that's not all. Next year, our campus will be the home of Barnabas Camp 2011 and sure i have lots of things i must think and do as i have the responsibility to gather all christian trainee including catholic, SIB, SDA and the others under one roof so that we can prepare all things nicely.

over this past 3 years i been into this teacher training institute, i haven't found any leader that can be aggresive enough to lead, plan, and conduct any activities for the christian in this campus. well, there are some activities involving christian trainee in our campus such as fellowship (all domination) every wednesday, rosary (catholic) every tuesday, and 'kuliah moral' (all non-muslim)every thursday but i think that is not enough. i felt that if there's nobody is aggresive enough to lead us, I should be the ONE. I want it because i want the activities and they want it too but there's no leader. That's why i should make a move. I am inspired by people that i respect the most and i think that i should learn and lead. not only I must lead, but also at the same time i could learn many things.

enough of all that works i must consider to be done this month, let me express how i feel about April..hehe..

this 'april rain' bring more hope and make life better when i finally felt relief of myself and the things that happened to me. I can forgive everyone that hurts me and that is the most precious blessing from up above. I'm happy enough to be friend with my ex after all the misunderstanding and issue that occured before and after we broke up. Now, I felt more freely to say that i am glad to be her friend. I can move on my life and surely that new 'GUITAR' is waiting for me. AMEN..

That's not all, i don't know why recently my passion in music became less and I felt that I want to give up music and songwriting, I couldn't find that part of me like there's something missing. I felt that I wanna give up BUT somehow i reflect to myself and sure the part of me is missing but i can't give up music, if i give up, than the whole part of me will be finish. So, the journey must on. after all this years i'm invloving in love issue, leadership issue, friendship issue, family issue, I may say i'm not that mature enough but sure i'm wise enough as a man. I don't wanna become that boy who always want to be mature because i'm a grown up man now who can think wisely and do the right decision. AMEN~~

I am happy with life now and may all the blessing goes to all my family and friends too..

p/s: Often we don't even realize who we're meant to be because we're so busy trying to live out someone else's ideas. But other people and their opinions hold no power in defining our destiny..

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