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Monday, March 15, 2010

Barnabas Camp Rock!

just got back from Keningau for the Barnabas Camp which for all the christian trainee in IPG..the camp was rock! such a wonderful moment of my life. Not only i met my friends there, i also make friends with so many others..there is no regret for joining that camp..it was totally enjoyable and very fun with such so many amazing people and fun to be around.. next time, the camp will be conduct by our campus and it is such a big responsibility to all of the christian in our campus..thnx to all my friends who support me and join me to this camp..i'm glad that all of you enjoyed it..love you all..the camp was so great as i want to continue it for more but so sad, we end it today and get back to our place..but for sure, the next camp will be rockin on with all those amazing people that i met these 3 days..peace!..united we stand!!

p/s God did not send me here to start the race but to finish it well..AMEN..

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