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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Like a rose trampled on the ground~~

Love will transform..

Got this post title from the brochure that i bought from church this morning. It's easter day and I hope the world will be a better place. Nothing more that i could pray for because all I want to see is peace in this life. Jesus sacrificed himself for us and why don't we live for Him?

I recieved more and more blessing when I get more close to God. The excitement and joyful moment that I feel are all because of his love. The most valuable love in this entire universe came from up above and it is our duty to spread it to the whole world.

Love will transform and each day human being will grow more mature and wisely enough to share. I don't feel regret in everything i do either it was good or bad because what I did yesterday made me today and hope the best for tommorow. All of the mistake and sins that i involve into make me become more mature and definitely i would not repeat it again, hopefully. The right thing to do now is to keep loving people, it is best if i could love my enemy but who want one? nobody like to become an enemy of another. Me too. Somehow, people do forget when thier mind couldn't project properly and thats why they say, experience is the best TEACHER..

one can hope for a better future but first they must put the past behind. Not forget it but to USED it as a tool for a better future. That is exactly what I will do. looking forward to the future maybe easy to say, but hard to do and what I can do now is keep TRYING.

May the good LORD bless all of us and keep faith and hope in our prayer..AMEN

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