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Sunday, May 2, 2010

something is in the air~~

It's been 8 months since my relationship status changed and I get to heal myself during that period. life is getting more "just fine" for me and the words of God never let me down and always keep me in the right path. Finally it's time for me to feel something in the air and get to be honest to myself and everyone else..life is so comlicated when you think of it in a different ways but it was very simple if we don't think of it too much and start to live it.. live your life doesn't mean we must live life to the fullest such as people do whatever that can make them happy..living life is to stay in peace..I live not for yesterday but today and today i live for tommorow..finally i can move on from H to A and thats make me very close to P and the others..i'll keep that faith and hope..to give it to someone else..God Bless~~HAPPY

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