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Monday, May 3, 2010

new skill~~

I've changed my mind..i will get that keyboard instead of that acoustic guitar..my skills are improving and I need that keyboard to start get more serious on practising though long enough i've waited to get that acoustic guitar..I kept my money to buy that acoustic guitar but now my mind changed and that keyboard is a must for now as I already have two guitar and I think that would be enough for now..I need that keyboard to improve my skills..so sad can not buy that guitar that i want so bad but maybe i'll get it next time..~~


nurul khairunie said...

congrats on the new keyboard! wahh pasni sy akan mendengar ko menyanyi sambil bermain keyboard la ni. nda sabar sy!

notkiutboilyrics lifeonmusicscene said...

beginner masi behh ni..hihihi..

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