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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pokemon Geek~~

Just after the mass finish at church, I went for my lunch and before I get back to Kent, I stop by at a shop and saw these pokemon trading cards..I love to collect them all as it is one of my hobby since I was a little boy. My friends laugh at me and said that I look like a child buying that cards, but for me it is something that I love to do. I like to collect pokemon trading cards as I really enjoy that anime. call me a pokemon geek and I will answer YES! I love Pokemon. I enjoy collecting the cards as I like to see and learn all about the pokemons characteristic. They are all cute and really interesting. My imaginations are way up high than anyone else could imagine, and getting into the mystical world of Pokemons is one of my way to get insipired in everytthing I do. People do not understand my way but that how it is. I am unique and I believe in what ever I do. There's so much people don't know about me but that is another story.

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