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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hell irritating!!

am i too different from them?! why can't they try to accept my way of thinking in things that we do as a group work, i say like this, they say like that..it's not that we must follow 100% the scheme in doing every step of the works! i know that my idea is totally different and you can't accept it because the way you think are totally practical..can't you just be a little bit more creative and put more non-scheme thingy in our group work?..YES! HELL YES!!..lecturer told us to do it like that, and of course we must do it like that.buttttttt.... what i mean is please do consider an idea or ideas that maybe can be put in our works..why do you think that what you think is always right?!..i hate to work with people who can't consider others idea first..at least listen la..don't say 'ui, jangan ko pandai2 buat jalanmu sendiri, ideamu sendiri..tanya cegu dulu apa yg patut dibuat"..you see??!! you say you don't know how to do it..but i do know a little bit but you don't even give me the chance to prove it..first for you is guidance by lecturer..!!! always like that all of you!..can't think of mayb start doing our ideas and mayb later show it to the lecturer..why do we must be like this, if don't understand, ask??..hey, at least do what we can do first la, at least consider others opinion..you say you don't know but mayb someone else know it in your group! this is a group work! consider my opinion..please la..i hate to work with a thinker like you!!..hell irritating!!..


NekochanMiruku said...

two words: PERFECTION FREAK can't stand with that type of person too... maw ja kc sut di muka....

notkiutboilyrics lifeonmusicscene said...

yeap..the best words to describe..huhu..

anafadzianah said...

napa ni jam... rilek k..
i think u can bcome more penyabar ya....
u do gud just know..really..
everything is gud..
sowie for knowing it late..

notkiutboilyrics lifeonmusicscene said...

hoho..ok seja baini..perkara kicik bilang ninik sia..toinktoinktoink..

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