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Thursday, March 4, 2010


recently i post, dreaming of new "guitar" and use it to write more new "songs"..

there's a message behind that post and someone noticed it..yes, i do interested on buying a new acoustic guitar, but thats not it..

she said: keep dreaming maybe some day the "guitar" will be yours.. but dreaming without action is fiction...

then i knew that she know what am i saying in my post..

this "guitar" that i want so bad i'm afraid i couldn't afford it at the moment as i'm still a beginner and my skills are so young to have a "guitar" like that..yes, it is a fiction without an action but seeing that "guitar" eventhough you can't afford it yet, motivate you to try achieve "something" and that is priceless..^^

i was wondering that eventhough i want that "guitar" so bad, i can't afford it as i'm not very good in playing guitar, my skills are poor..i am not that confident to buy that guitar as the price to get that guitar is so high, even i also could only dream about it..

then she replied me back..

she said: develop your skills then if you really want that "guitar" nothing is impossible ;) you maybe cant afford it yet but someday you might can.. test it out first maybe the "guitar" looks good but sounds bad...

thanks to you.. your words are also what i am thinking now but if action need guts to do it, then i need that extra something to start acting..

p/s: it was related to "you"..that "guitar"?..it was not a fiction..


nurul khairunie said...

jam, believe in your dream. i know you're very talented and gifted, soon you will polish your skill and become a good guitarist, singer and song writer. already i am your big fan =)

notkiutboilyrics lifeonmusicscene said...

thnx khay..i know i'm still poor at everthing rite now..lots of thing must i do to get to where i want to be..and same to you also..put effort in what ever you do..no matter its music or photography..full support from me!..chaiyok!

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