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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


recently i became so emotional and i felt that what i post was really show how i feel but it was not mature..a friend told me not to be too emotional cuz it might affect my life for a long time..as i feel that i shouldn't let those things affect me, i'm starting to think more positive..i delete my recent post as i don't think that it would bring any better to my problem.. thnx cuz you always support me for me being sometime not mature to myself..hey, look forward..i feel relief now..i have myself and all i need to do is focus on things that are more important..stay positive is a good start for me..berusaha!!!


Glay [D] Listra said...

Yeap. Look forward!
Be positive, stay positive would actually make your world more meaningful in some ways. Believe me~ I've been thru it~
Gambate to you ^_^

notkiutboilyrics lifeonmusicscene said...

thnx glay..will do..^^

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