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Saturday, February 6, 2010

L.O.V.E your life..

yeah..today is sunday..just got back from st. john church in Tuaran and it's very hot today..feel relief after attending the mass and always believe that HE will always look after me and lead me to the right way..went to Yun Onn restaurant with kevin after the mass to feed this hungry bear..hehe..yum yum..eat till i couldn't walk properly..i'm so full..haha..

as for my feeling today, i am so relief..don't know why..maybe because i let the past behind me and thinking that its all going to be alright in the future no matter what happen..if i stay believing, there's nothing that imposible for me..feel free to relate all around you with what you believe and someday you'll be glad that you made the right choices..hehe..

before we go back to hostel, i buy a pair of shoes..it might be not a Nike or Adidas, but it sure means a lot to me cuz i will use that shoe in my daily rutine especially playing the sport that i love the most..BASKETBALL..i don't care if it is only cost RM55.90..hey, kasut murah pun bagus bah..lagi tahan..hehe..tia sanggup sia beli kasut mahal2 hanya untuk main..hehe..it is not the brand or price..for me, buying something is not for showing off..i'll buy something that i can afford to and satisfied me..hihi..

be happy with the life we have and start making a difference now..if you could inspire others to change to a better things..you have a life..live your life..peace^^

*i love my life*

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