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Thursday, February 10, 2011


1, 2, 3, and go..

Here I am, would like to write something maybe less than lame again, or more to expressing something I guess..

I'm worried with myself for I am involving in such a messy and tiring work to do. Felt like my brain is banging inside..WELL! it's a task for me to do to keep my vision alive which is doing more 'something' than 'nothing' as much as I can before my time has come because I don't like to see me regreting in the future for not using my youth properly..

This year will sure bring more challenges for me and tell you the truth, I LIKE IT!

but before that, I gotta bleed this pain I have for today..just this morning in my class someone broke MY RULES and messing with my day..hey @#$%&! mind your own bussiness laa.. no need to shout, no need to mumble around like my granny! You think you're cute enough to make people like you..well, guess what..your attitude is worst than your face..(sorry for being so emotional)..writing is better than shouting..

will also not forget this day, the day that I speak infront of Zest Club (our IPG English Club)..
In my class, I speak English not that bad but I don't know why I mess up in front of the members especially when there're TESL students at that time..nerve totally bringing me down but I'm glad because I did speak and it's okay for making mistake..I'm not that shy person when I spoke in front of many audience so what the hell..better go in front and conduct that meeting rather than sitting at the back talking about others mistake..blablabla..

This is definitely sounds like too emotional for me I guess but no blaming anyone laa..
I'm not blaming anyone..If you're feeling sorry because you think you made me hurt or something..mmm..no laa..I don't take it that serious..if I were you guys, I'll laugh also if something funny goes around..I know you guys didn't mean too..hey, it's not a big deal..
but I'm quite disapointed with some of the members, people still talking in front and they already want to left the meeting..for me, it's not a big deal but I hope they will not do that to someone else..peace out!

I know it's lame, but I'm not playing game..

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