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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'M back

Hellooooo...!! it's been awhile since I post something in this lame blog of mine. I been busy on living my daily life as a student. well, I'm still me. Got not much to say but I'm doing quite good these days. Life still amazing and will always be as long I'm on the right track. living my life is definitely a gift that I must share to everyone because as I always say, everyday is that special moment. So, do share your precious moment with everyone out there no matter who they are.

Recently I been thinking a lot on taking music seriously so I started my page on facebook,

so that I can share my songwriting stuff with my friends. I don't need a thousand or a million listener but I do need a lots of support. Even though I'm quite busy on doing things that I don't really like, I'm keeping that motivation in songwriting so that I never give up. Hope for the better and start to march with a little courage that can lead into awesome experience. PEACE

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