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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The like-dislike

I like to listen to music
I like to sing
I like to do songwriting
I like to play guitar
I like to play keyboard
I like to eat a lot
I like to cook
I like to read recipes book
I like to collect pokemon cards
I like to watch anime
I like to play basketball
I like to read story book especially the fairy tale one
I like to wear short pant when outing
I like to join the youth's activities at church
I like to organise
I like photography
I like classic stuff
I like girl who can cook well
I like girl who don't smoke or drink
I like Dusun girl
I like gardening
I like beach
I like travelling
I like rainforest
I like to wear black t-shirt (most of my t-shirt are black)

I dislike play computer games (depends..i'm not Dota's geek)
I dislike wasting food (i'd rather finish it eventhough i'm full)
I dislike girl who smoke or drink (not cool)
I dislike to go to games centre (tintong)
I dislike waking up late
I dislike waiting
I dislike unorganised stuff
I dislike emo person (grow up please)
I dislike a person who addicted too much and easy affected by others (can't you stand alone)
I dislike girl who like to play with their hair (dunno why)
I dislike doing more than one work at a time
I dislike to hang out with a bunch of smokers (can't stand the smoke)
I dislike unmature status posted in facebook
I dislike to sleep a lot (wasting time)
I dislike stay in room playing games/watching movies more often (wasting time, prefer go outside and do some activities)

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