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Saturday, January 9, 2010


i am very disapointed with this days issue, why can't we keep stay in peace..people should really learn and think deeply before they act. we have brain rite? so use it wisely..many years christian use the word and only just now this issue been mentioned..why? im sure we all can think why..it's all about to bring us down..before this, we respect others, so please stay the same..don't point finger to someone to be blame..if we really want to use the 1 malaysian title, please be ONE..think before act..and most imporant is, don't get confuse..i am very sad because of this, please stop this nonsense, malaysian stay in PEACE..stop confusion! stop racism! stop nonsense!..peace..

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anareku said...

i do feel ashamed too as what had happened.. mayb benda tu jd kejutan d smenanjung.
i still remember when i was in primary school, (which it was christian school) they r using nama yg sama jg.. n org2 sbh fhm n accept it jg pn.. read nurul khairunie's post bout it, what she said bout it..

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